What IS Fuumashon?

Fuumashon is an island continent based loosely on 5th century Australia. Fuumashon was once inhabited by 6 different species of Dragons, most were destroyed by an underground volcanic eruption. After 120 years the land became habitable and the Emerald Dragon, Emmafuumindall returned to restore her homeland with life.

She cleaned the land of extreme toxins then began importing rare and exotic life forms sturdy enough to survive there. She scoured the world collecting Elves, Men, Dwarves, Cat-folk, Giants, Gnomes, Halflings, Rabbit-men, Rhino-men, Elephant-men, and every form of plant life that could coexist in the harsh ecosystem.

After a doomsday weapon was hidden on the isle, the Council of Dragons wanted to sink the land to prevent the weapon’s discovery. Emma negotiated. They all lent her power to build an army to protect the land and with it she created the Chimera. As added protection, they magically hid the land from outside discovery.

Beyond Fuumashon, the world has progressed dramatically. While Fuumashon is basically frozen in time, with magic being as prevalent sand, the world beyond has progressed by light years. While Fuumashon enjoys pure magic, the wider world enjoys amazing inventions from ArcaTech, Arcane magic based technology. Everything from Spell rifles to spaceships are common place.

In short, Fuumashon is a terrarium filled with life by a grieving mother who refuses to let her homeland become an abandoned tomb. Fuumashon is a fairytale brought to life with flower too beautiful to be real, creatures too strange to exist and villians too dangerous to let live. Come down, sit for a spell. Welcome to the Emerald Isle, Welcome to Fuumashon.

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