Kobayashi Maru OR When did Stupid win?

In the world of Star Trek, there is a test called the Kobayashi Maru. It is a no-win situation space-battle simulation that all officer must take. Why would they make such a thing you ask? Because Captains need to understand that sometimes you do everything right and still lose; it not fair, its life. Because those in charge of life and death decisions over others, hundreds of others, must be hardened, they must not only lead when they win but, more importantly, continue to lead when they fail.

We, in our attempt to protect of children, have made them fragile in a world that has not gotten safer. We have failed them. We have failed us.

There is an inter-connectedness of the modern world that allows us to share our advancements and knowledge instantly but it has the side effect of spreading our fears and foolishness as well. Tide pod challenge, forest clowns and death by selfie are just the latest stupids to cross mountain and ocean. This isn’t the whole list, there are more, some more dangerous, more systemic and ultimately more destructive. Which brings me to my bitching: When did stupid win?

I’m old enough to remember when the importance of education was preached, when the word ‘US’ included more than those who shared your last name. We used to marvel at genius, hard work, accomplishments – now we mock them. Nerd, is this backwards ass world, is an insult. Why? When did seeing someone better than us stop driving us to improve and started making us sensitive, prone to mental breakdowns, shooting sprees and inferiority complexes. When did stupid win?

I remember when a man could say “I don’t know” and it neither made him less-than, nor mock-worthy. Follow me down this hole:

If you believe in God, you are religious. If you believe in Zeus, or Astrology or meditation you are a fool EVEN THOUGH THEY ALL HAVE THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT OF PROOF!! (fucking idiots)

Ibn Sina told the world in 1025 in his book ‘The Cannon of Medicine’ that living things, impossible to see are responsible for the great number of sicknesses that plague mankind. Today we call them germs. When fools are put in positions of power only calamity is possible. I’ve had adults, full-grown fools, say TO MY FACE “If aliens exist why haven’t we found them yet?” This person has kids! Imagine if some fool in 1840 said “If man could fly why haven’t we figured it out yet?” This level of stupidity is infuriating!

So I ask, in all desperate pleading seriousness; when did we let stupid win? When did we let the people who never miss the chance to vote convince us that voting doesn’t matter? When did ‘educated’ become ‘superfluous’? Don’t discuss money, religion, or politics – good plan. Women aren’t as smart as men, Negros cant see at night, young people shouldn’t be allowed to vote, work is supposed to suck, don’t do it for profit, do it for love of the game – BULLSHIT! When. Did We. Become. SO stupid?

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