Its just bad writing! Sheesh!

I seen a bunch of bad post lately, a BUNch! Some was bout diversity, sum was bout plot twists, some about world buildin – but day all had da sane prollem: IT’S NOT NONE OF DEEZ! IT’S JUST BAD WRITIN!

Shoveling black, gay, old, disabled WHATEVER charactahs in yo book for any udda reason than improvin da story: IT’S BAD WRITN! I have never drove down da road, lis’nin to da radio and thought; damn, M’ black! You know when i ‘membah im black? When white peaopl ack weird.

Am i normal? fuck kno! Errybody no dat. So maybe im havin a unique essperience…but i doubt it. How bout dis: when somebody rite bad, no matter how dat bad manafess itsef, we jus call it bad ritein? How bou dat?

Racist fa no reason in a utopian society? Bad ritein. Rape just to sho it happen? Bad ritein. Characters how dont madduh, unfinished subplots, breaking ya own rules, correct grammuh in casual convusashuns, heroes respected and revered who dun nuttin to deserve it and never prove it IN-STORY – its all jus bad fuckkin ritein.

Dont attack a tree when da hole foriss is sick, burn da hole dam foriss down! But i digest, Ramp over.

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