Bee Honey Bee

Late into the night, long after the Chimera had been shown their sleeping quarters and turned out the lights, Pol-Kar rounded the corner to Shefa’s room wearing what amounted to a nightshirt that barely reached her thighs and had been worn near see through by time. Her boyish hair cut from earlier was gone. Her silvery hair was wet and combed back allowing her sun bronzed skin and beautiful purple eyes to boost her cuteness to stunning sex kitten. Not much surprised the High Lady but finding Kaharh leaning against his door made the list.

The two froze for a second, then smooth as silk, carried on hoping the other didn’t catch it.

“Well found, young mistress. Is something wrong that you hold up a door rather than letting your bed hold up you?”

“Hi. Yeah, something’s wrong. My arms,” Pol-Kar was confused, and her rumpled features showed it.

“I do not understand,”

Kaharh turned to her. Pol-Kar stood a head above her. They angled their heads just enough to lock eyes, an agreement was made in their silence.

“I’ve been here for an hour and I can’t make my arms knock on his door,”

“He is your favored mate, then?”

“No. Not really. Not yet,”

“Ahh,” she said understanding. “You love him,”


“No answer is still an answer,”

“No answer, is no answer,”

“Then step aside and I will knock,” Kaharh went up on her toes, her eyes hard as stone. Pol-Kar smiled. “We share everything here. Take no offence to our strange ways, as I take no offense to yours. But know, we are complicated beings. We are filled with spirits that make war and move us as the wind. Men are not so afflicted,”

“Ancient wisdom?” Pol-Kar popped a frustrated frown.

“His cock will be honeyed, by your hive or some other bee. Does that cut to the heart of it?”

“You don’t know him,”

“I know men. Some study war, some study food, some study joy; all mate. Even those who prefer to bend, so, you must decide; will it be your flower catching his honey, or some other bee?”

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