A fallacy is defined by Webster as: a mistaken belief, especially one based on unsound argument. The single most insidious fallacy to modern western culture is “If/Then” the belief that if one thing is true then some other thing MUST be true.

“If you loved me you wouldn’t hurt me,”
“If you’re against guns then you wouldn’t own one,”
“If you love America then you must hate [insert country of brown people here].
It is a thing that seems logical, and may be, but is not realistic or practical and is the greatest tool used to keep the powerless divided and fighting among themselves instead of against their true oppressors.

If you’ve ever seen two broken people trying to make a relationship work, then you know people who love each other hurt each other all the time.
I’m against guns but as long as others have them, so will I.
I love America, but I see its flaws and contradictions and will judge it just as harshly as the rest of reality. The enemy of my friend is not my enemy, simply my friend’s enemy.

Human beings are dualistic, they possess the ability to be self-contradictory, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as it were. I love people I cant stand to be around, and I have served with men and women whom i saluted and who’s orders I obeyed that i would happily watch die slowly from a situation I could easily save them from… because I’m human.

Evolve, free yourself from this illusion of ignorant certainty. See the world and all those in it, for what and who they are, without assumptions and false dichotomy.

Sunrise, Chimera.

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