I’m writing a self help book! (yeah, I know)

Binary Life: -//001100//
Chapter 1: Medicine and poison, the difference is dosage.

*‘A few’ options is good, ‘many’ options is bad. Reduce life to no more than three choices, preferably two.

* Feelings are genetic. Designed for a world that no longer exists. You must balance submission and domination to them.
You know less than you think. Most of what you know was told to you by people you have never met.
* Happiness is not a goal, it’s a moment, like an orgasm. Peace, tranquility, and compatibility is the goal.

Chapter 2: Become Sovereign.

* Each day is a struggle within a conflict. Each week is a conflict within a skirmish. Each month is a skirmish within a battle. And each year is a battle in the war that is your life.
* Life goal – era objective- yearly strategy- daily plan.
By laying out the destination and dividing it into steps you multiply effectiveness. Step 1 and Step 7 can be worked on in the same day if both are known. I want a car. I work overtime. I pay down my debt. I boost my credit. Spend less, save more.
* Put down your sword, not your armor. You don’t always have to attack but you should always protect.

Chapter 3:
* Nothing doesn’t exist. You are never doing nothing. Relaxing or wasting time. Recovering or avoiding.
* Be as lethal in defense of your fun as you are in defense of your flesh. Don’t let others spend your time, interrupt your fun, or invade your recuperation.
* Fun and joy are as important to your mind as water and sleep are to your body. Every day you don’t have fun is a day you didn’t sleep. Make enjoyment a priority.

Chapter 4:
* Draw your sword, take your shot, pull the trigger. Harden yourself so that you can cut off your leg to save your life. Toxic people, bad habits, tough love – necessary evils of success.
* Never sacrifice, trade. Skip the concert to work overtime. Skip overtime to sleep in. Only give up one thing to gain another, never just discard…ever.
* The middle is the least important. First you must start, then you must finish. Strength and courage to start. Power and dedication to finish. In between, flexibility, agility and endurance.

Chapter 5:
* Prepare to die. At some point success must be worth your life. You have to be willing to burn it all down to cross that finish line. Plan, so you don’t have to burn it down, but commit yourself so completely to your cause that if death is the price, you pay it gladly. I equate it to protecting my child, whatever it costs, whatever it takes. I’m not talking about money or fame when I say success, I mean becoming the YOU you want to be.
* A sage’s mind, a lion’s heart and a god’s might are worthless in a ravaged body. Exercise is not optional. Rest is not optional. Health is not optional.

You ARE your mind. Brain, leg, head, these are parts of you, your mind IS you. It is the only thing that IS you. If you don’t know your mind, you don’t know yourself. If you don’t nurture your mind, what do for your body is pointless.

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