Lots to say.

Its been awhile so Im gonna cram a lot in here.

HAPPINESS is about balance. Success is just the opposite. If you have 10 points to spend and 5 categories to spend them in: Love, Health, Family, Career, and Spirit; If you put two points in each you may find joy but you will not find huge success in either. Those who make a ton of money usually have little love, poor health and estranged families. The same goes for the devout whose spiritual life is abundant but they still work, and stress, and struggle with the challenges of the capitalist world. I’m not suggesting one way or the other only pointing out that a choice must be made and with that choice, a price paid.

LANGUAGE is more than words, it is the incredible, magical ability to share your mind with another human being. My chiropractor showed me something that never crossed my mind; “All medical progress has been halted by the limitation of language.”

That thing at the end of your arm is a hand. The middle of that hand is called the PALM. What is the other side called? That’s right, the back of the hand. Looking in the mirror you can identify collar bones, breasts, chest, pecks, abs, ribs, belly, belly button and obliques. List the parts of your back. EXACTLY! We don’t bother to name the backs of things. Likely, you cant go to the doctor and explain that your levator scapulae hurts but you could define with moderate specificity that the joint where your collar bone and shoulder meets feels stiff or out of socket. When you create the language of your world, think about language, its uses and its limitations and it will enrich your world in beautifully subtle ways that ground it in reality and make it feel lived in.

LIFE is struggle. Waiting for it to be easy or fair or the right time will spend the only currency human beings cannot replenish: time. I say start now, today. read what you can, learn as you go. Their are many ways to joy, success, and happiness but they all start with beginning. BEGIN!

FINALLY – This is the new 2020 release schedule. beginning of the year Blood of the Lunacorn will kick things off. Next is SCALES, the follow up to RooK and continuation of the main story. By summer the novellas RIZAL and JEAGA will be out or in the final stages of editing. Fall will see Silver Waters and by year’s end or early next year, SHEFA, the end of the original trilogy will wrap things up and we finally leave the isle of Fuumashon to explore the Great Wide World Beyond! If you’re reading this, you probably care lol, so there you go. I will see you all in the comments, and as always, Sunrise, fellow Chimera!

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