KAST: point by point



  1. Shefa is wakened by Na-zii in his lair. “Come, let me truly train you.”

“You are well trained in the first form, Leaf in the Wind. It is a form about movement, confusing the enemy, and safety. It is referred to as the first form for it is what we teach children.”
“The Elveldian Sword Tree has many branches, the next is WILLOW IN THE BREEZE. It focuses on evasion, much like LITW however it is not a dance, the feet do not move. The core tenet is deflecting and parrying your opponent without conceding any ground.”
“Above that is OAK IN A STORM which we will skip entirely, for I know you far too well to believe you have the temperance or patience to even attempt it. It is superseded by RIVER SMOOTH STONE, also not for you. Thus, we move straight to EVERGREEN. It is a passive-aggressive form that goes from utter stillness to dynamic and explosive oppression. There are few blocks, fewer parries. The tenet is simple – no retreat, no surrender, no survivors. Your Profane Punch is only the first of seven techniques which combine into Fizir’Si’Zar; Final Syzygy. Let me show you the other six.”

  1. Mim is in his study with Jeaga’s book. OmOrtiaTran – the bridge to death and back. Shefa flies up but doesn’t enter. Mim points to a tray of food and hundred berry wine. “You knew I was coming? Did you hear me? Sense my mental signature? Feel my disturbance through your connection with the wind? Shefa asked. “No. It’s been a week since you did something incredibly stupid. However, if it makes you feel better, I sat that tray out two days ago. I’d say you’re growing up.” “What are you working on?” “I am copying a spell. I have made a discovery or more likely a rediscovery that will change Arcane and Elemental spell casting in perpetuity.” “What is it?” “Everything has air in it.” Shefa simply shook his head and moved on.
  2. Shefa explains he wants to go get the OCEAN SPEAR. Mim wants to know how long they’ll be gone as Raymond will have to cover his duties. Shefa says two days.
  3. Patience enters dressed like a princess. Her smile dies when she sees Shefa hovering in the window. “Oh for fucks sake! Already? You have another legendarily stupid idea ALL READY?! Mim, don’t go. Tell him no, tell him HELL NO!” “Then he’d go without me.” “Devils fuck the gods.” She said as she closed the door behind her muttering hate.
  4. “We need someone who call pilot.” Mim says. “Pilot? You mean fly?” “No, my strong but simple brother, you drive animals, you pilot ships. Anyway … do you have any idea how to “make go” this ship?” “No, but how hard could it be?” Shefa asked. “Then we need someone.” “No.” Someone who can know what no one knows.” “There has to be another option.” “We need … him.” Shefa lost focus and dropped out of the sky. He screamed before he caught himself. Mim smirked.
  5. Mim and Shefa find Rorou hanging with Raymond playing strip poker with several of the castle staff, both genders. Mim clears his throat and they skedaddle.
  6. “Really? Both of you? For me? Ok … I’m in.” Rorou says. “Want to know what it is?” Shefa asks. “Nah. Surprise me.” Mim steps in “No. We need you to pilot a ship no one has even seen in the past 500 years. Can you?” Rorou does his thing, stepping into the astral plane. He comes back moments later and shrugs. “How hard could it be?” he says and Mim sighs.
  7. Shefa goes to Kaharh to find out if they will be successful. She tells him “when the three of you agree, you’re right. When its two against you, yield.” He kisses her forehead and leaves.
  8. The trio pack supplies and meet outside. Mim summons his travel cloud and they shoot off north-west.
  9. Dark hair fighter REVA-KAH, leaves a note for Pol-Kar – I will not sit on my heels. I cannot. It is not within me. The dragon boy will atone. I will return with him or not at all. Your loyal finger, Reva-Kah, She is met by Pot-Bah. “I will come with you” “Yu would be throwing your life away for nothing” “I would be with you, it would be everything” “You love me but your manhood loves men. I would have a mate I can mate with” “I would share you to have you, a mate to please us both” “You honor me but I cannot love you” “I can live with that” She kisses him and leaves.
  10. They land a mile from the temple entrance. “How do we get through, ya know, without getting dead?” Rorou asks. Shefa pulls out his white sash and explains that as long as they all hold it, they all stay invisible. Shefa’s memory is the map and Mim is not thrilled about that. Shefa told them they would be Kinrushing the entire incursion. Rorou is excited, Mim is not.
  11. Shefa summons Kinergy and they take off.
  12. Very cool navigate the fortress stuff.
  13. They reach the boat. Rorou goes to familiarize himself with the controls. Shefa throws rocks at the water. “What are you doing?” Mim asks. “Restoring my honor.”
  14. The Whaargun show up and they slaughter them mercilessly.
  15. Roo climbs in the ship and they make way.
  16. The sailing goes smoothly until they hit a downhill stream and the light goes out.
  17. Mim strikes a light, Shefa asks why, Mim doesn’t have night vision.
  18. Shefa keeps hearing something but he can’t find it in the dark.
  19. They pass under a series of holes in the cavern that create a howling wind tunnel.
  20. Reva drops from the ceiling on Shefa and chi blocks him. He tries to magic but can’t. Mim steps in and gets his butt wiped. Rorou pops his head out, gets it kicked in. Reva introduces herself and her mission. Shefa explains he has made arrangements with Pol-Kar. Pol-Kar has lost her way. She should have made you bow, not kissed your feet. Ok little girl, let’s fight.
  21. They fight, Shefa wins by grabbing her and leaping headfirst into the ceiling knocking them both out. When he wakes, she’s gone.
  22. They bend a corner and find a scrap city. Simple barbarian fishmen attack. The Chimera agree to just outrun them until they dive in and attack from underneath with hooks and chains dragging the ship to a stop.
  23. The fish men don’t attack, they start singing, putting the Chimera to sleep. Shefa panics. He still can’t magic, so he just goes on a stick-to-the-head murder frenzy.
  24. Roo and Mim jump in the cover him.
  25. After the brew-ha-ha, they free the ship and carry on.
  26. The next stretch is uphill. Roo creates a sail, Mim creates a breeze, Shefa steers. At the top of the slope they rest.
  27. Emotional connection scene
  28. The river ends in a lake. They rig a trailer and drag the ship hoping the river continues later. They come to an ancient battle scene.
  29. Ten thousand dead zydra and two thousand dwarves; their crests say they are what was left of clan Rocksaw.
  30. It turns out a cave-in overhead collapsed an entire castle killing many dwarves starving the others.
  31. They decide to explore the city, get stopped on the way in by an armored corpse.
  32. I am HIZZIRITH. I betrayed my lord by inflating my glories and have been sentenced to age but not die until I atone. What you gotta do? Return this sword to the sunlight. I tried for what I think is 100 years but the dwarves made war here and dint trust me, back that way the fish men would not let me pass. No injuries heal, food and water bring no recovery and no relief. Now I am so feeble I will never leave this place.
  33. Can you help us? Does the river still flow on the other side of this castle? But the castle was built as a labyrinth to confuse invaders, now it has fallen a thousand feet and collapsed under its own weight. Good luck getting through. Do you know the way? Why yes, yes I do, Take me with you? Deal.
  34. They enter the castle and see two paths. The left is a waiting room, pretty. The right is a Barracks filled with suits of armor and weapons.
  35. The next room is filled with tiled bridges. Hizzirith tells them that the wrong tiles collapse. They have to follow the SUN PRAYER. Roo just creates his own bridge.
  36. They pass through doors that require the SUN PRAYER; they just push forward The armor from the Barracks begin hunting them down. They push forward.
  37. The nest room is a labyrinth. The walls are lined with a thousand gargoyles that screech and swipe at them but can’t enter the halls, but also the Chimera can’t climb the walls without having to fight them all.
  38. Shefa suggests just blowing through them. Mim points out that they taper into support beams, knocking them down will bury them alive.
  39. They push forward, walls and floors shift separating the team. Mim uses the wind to make him faster and races through the maze until he finds the way out. Each dead end has a trap and is filled with adventurers who died. Roo and Shefa start smashing the armor. When the armor is destroyed all the dead adventurers’ skeletons come to life.
  40. They rush through the maze which continuously changes, spinning walls and rotating hallways make escape impossible. So Roo and Shefa start destroying the skeletons. The ghost within continue to attack but now the Chimera can hit them back. They get sliced to ribbons before making it to the exit. Mim is there having a drink.
  41. Healing and recouping.
  42. They take the stairs up to the only other floor, ten stories above the ground. It’s a beautiful room, fountains on the walls, mostly ruined now.
  43. Big ornate door, Hizzirith has never seen it closed before. It requires 12 kneeling priests to open. Roo makes 12 clones to kneel. Door opens.
  44. They go into the SUN CHAMBER. Fountains on the wall, 4 inch deep wading pool covers the 300 square foot floor. On the far side a broken pedestal.
  45. They step in the water, Hizzirith regains his youth, the Chimera heal.
  46. “The sword goes in the pedestal but the pedestal is broken.” Shefa institutes a mental concert. He gets the memory from Hizzirith and shares it with the group. Roo makes a purble model. Shefa with his telekinesis and Mim with elemental control collect all the dust and grains of the fountain and put it back together.
  47. The ghost from downstairs show up.
  48. Hizzirith places the sword, nothing happens.
  49. Mim figures out they need the SUN PRAYER since they needed it for everything else.
  50. Shefa goes back into Hizzirith’s memory to find this damn prayer. The ghosts attack. Roo goes out to meet them. They tear him apart as fast as they water heals him so he’s just suffering to buy time.
  51. Shefa finds the prayer all the way back in Hizzirith’s childhood. Shefa recites it, Hizzirith repeats it, Roo is getting mauled to death and screaming in the background.
  52. The sun jewel in the hlt of the sword flares to life – the SUN GOD appears.
    “Hiizzirith, son of Birridon, you have stolen from me. Your actions have brought ruin to your tribe and my followers. Over the years many died searching the world for you, seeking to return what you took as the tribe withered in their absence. Without followers my power waned and my temple tumbled into the earth leaving your people extinct. With neither worshipers nor temples I faded to nothing.”
    “I have come to atone.”
    “For the 1000 years or wrack and ruin you caused I sentence you to serve for 1000 years rebuilding my congregation.”
    “Yes, my lord.”
    “You will also serve 100 years for every life you stole.”
    “Yes, Ha-Mah-Ta.”
    “But first you will spend 4000 years on the surface of the sun.” Hizzirith bursts into flames and screams and burns.
  53. The heat boils the water in the pool. The Chimera clear the water.
  54. With his power restored, Ha-Mah-Ta repairs his temple and returns it to the surface. As it puts itself back together the Chimera realize they should run or be trapped inside.
  55. They rush downstairs. The door is closed. Roo prepares to summon clones. Mim displays more power than they have ever seen, obliterating 100 tons of temple.
  56. They flee through the maze, no longer worried about toppling it, and out into the caves.
  57. As the temple rises, an ocean is uncorked and floods the tunnel. The chimera have to out run the crushing salt water slurry back to the boat THEN protect the boat.
  58. Next they’ll have to sail it through turbulent waters.
  59. When they get outside they finally see the world beyond Fuumashon – end first half.

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