What IS Fuumashon?

Fuumashon is an island continent based loosely on 5th century Australia. Fuumashon was once inhabited by 6 different species of Dragons, most were destroyed by an underground volcanic eruption. After 120 years the land became habitable and the Emerald Dragon, Emmafuumindall returned to restore her homeland with life. She cleaned the land of extreme toxins… Continue reading What IS Fuumashon?

What is this waste?

"What is this waste?"      "Waste?" Shefa asked       "What you call fighting. What method are you using? Who taught youthis?" The elf asked. "I've had many masters. I learned Leaf on theWind from the elves. I learned Axe and Hammer from the dwarves.The humans trained me in Grace and Beauty, the methods… Continue reading What is this waste?