Its just bad writing! Sheesh!

I seen a bunch of bad post lately, a BUNch! Some was bout diversity, sum was bout plot twists, some about world buildin - but day all had da sane prollem: IT'S NOT NONE OF DEEZ! IT'S JUST BAD WRITIN! Shoveling black, gay, old, disabled WHATEVER charactahs in yo book for any udda reason than… Continue reading Its just bad writing! Sheesh!

Kobayashi Maru OR When did Stupid win?

In the world of Star Trek, there is a test called the Kobayashi Maru. It is a no-win situation space-battle simulation that all officer must take. Why would they make such a thing you ask? Because Captains need to understand that sometimes you do everything right and still lose; it not fair, its life. Because… Continue reading Kobayashi Maru OR When did Stupid win?