My walking Days are Done.

Garrison took him to his favorite place, the Garden of Sinking Stars. He led him through curtains of pink and rouge flower petals, deep into the trunk of a great gold wood tree. An artistically carved pool, barely deep enough to submerge the feet, covered the floor. Angels and eagles flew in spirals, each unique… Continue reading My walking Days are Done.

The Walk

The Walk Black, the kind of all-consuming dark that forced the imagination to conjure phantasms to stave off madness.  I heard the clanking of chains long before they snapped taut in the large wooden portcullis creek and began to move. Three large clangs, unlocked the outer doors. It had been days since I had seen… Continue reading The Walk

Prose: this is who you are.

Prose is defined as: the ordinary language people use in speaking or writing. It is derived from the Old French prose, which in turn originates in the Latin expression prosa oratio (literally, straightforward or direct speech). For writers and nerds in general it is more accurately the words we choose to use to tell our story. Prose has… Continue reading Prose: this is who you are.

I’m writing a self help book! (yeah, I know)

Binary Life: -//001100// Chapter 1: Medicine and poison, the difference is dosage. *‘A few’ options is good, ‘many’ options is bad. Reduce life to no more than three choices, preferably two. * Feelings are genetic. Designed for a world that no longer exists. You must balance submission and domination to them. You know less than… Continue reading I’m writing a self help book! (yeah, I know)